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About Us

1. About this Financial Services Guide This Financial Services Guide is important to you This Financial Services Guide will help you decide if you want to use our financial services. It has information on who we are and:

the services we provide
how we deal with a complaint if you are unhappy with our services
relationships that could influence the advice we give you

Other documents you may receive If we provide you with personal advice, it will normally be documented in a statement of advice, which sets out our advice, the basis of that advice and details about the fees, commissions and other benefits payable as a result of the advice given. If we give you additional advice, and your personal circumstances or the basis of the previous recommendations are not significantly different, a new statement of advice may not be required. We will keep a record of any additional advice we provide you. You can ask for a copy of our advice at any time using our contact details in this guide.

If we recommend a financial product or arrange a financial product for you, we will provide you with a product disclosure statement, which provides you with important information about the product, such as its features and risks, to help you decide whether or not to buy that product.

2. About our practice

Name: Investsmart Financial Planners Pty Ltd
ABN: 29 133 517 487
AFSL Number 331524
Address: Suite 16, Level 2, 215-219 George Street Liverpool, NSW 2170
Postal Addres PO Box 647,
Ingleburn NSW 1890.
Phone (02) 9605 2435
Fax: (02) 9605 8937
Email: info@investsmartfp.com.au
Website: www.investsmart.amp.com.au

Investsmart Financial Planners Pty Ltd is an independently owned and managed business. Our practice and financial planners are covered by professional indemnity insurance which is taken out to ensure sufficient resources will be available to meet any potential claims against our practice and/or financial planners.


3. Our Services The types of advice and services we provide

ADVICEWe can provide you with advice such as:
Investment planning
Budget and debt management
Retirement planning
Personal insurance and risk management
Estate planning
Personal and employer superannuation
Deposits and lending
Centrelink benefits
We also offer ongoing advice and services, including regular portfolio reviews.
PRODUCTS & SERVICESFollowing our advice, or if you do not need our advice service, we can arrange for transactions on the following kinds of products and services:

Superannuation, including retirement savings accounts

Income stream products (for example pensions and annuities)

Life risk insurance and other wealth protection products (for example, income protection and trauma)

Managed investments including investor directed portfolio services

Deposit and payment products (for example term deposits and cash management accounts

Debentures, stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government
Where an administration platform is recommended, we also offer a Limited Managed Discretionary Account service.

Any additional advice or services we can offer you, or limitations to the list above will be outlined in Section 5. Our Financial Planners.

The advice we provide must be appropriate to your personal circumstances, based on our review and assessment of your situation. You have the right not to provide personal information. However, if you don’t provide this information, the advice you receive may not be appropriate to your needs, objectives and financial situation.

We will only recommend products to you after considering their suitability for your individual objectives, financial situation and needs.

Requests for transactions without our advice At times you may wish to make a transaction and do not need assistance from us with any decisions in relation to the product or transaction. In these cases, we can take your instructions and arrange for the transaction to be completed, without providing personal advice.

If you wish to proceed without advice from us, normally we will ask you to confirm your instructions in writing and sign an acknowledgement form. You can ask us for a copy of the form at any time.

Any assistance we provide to complete your transaction should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement of the product or transaction. This includes the selection of the product or particular transaction you have determined without advice.

Our services for Managed Discretionary Accounts We offer limited types of Managed Discretionary Account Services (MDA Services) within approved investment platforms. Through these services, you allow us to manage your investments for you, using our discretion and without obtaining your instructions before each transaction we undertake on your behalf. However, we do not (and we are not authorised to) open new accounts, withdraw funds or contribute funds to your investment.

What are the risks associated with using the MDA service
By authorising us to make changes to your investments, you cannot claim we were not acting on your behalf if we acted within the authority given. Therefore, our acts bind you. It is important you understand what we are authorised to do and that you carefully read and understand the activities that you are authorising us to do on your behalf.

How can you instruct us to exercise rights relating to the financial products in your portfolio? Generally, the financial products that we invest in on your behalf do not have any additional rights or entitlements attached to them. However, if there are, we will let you know. You can then instruct us on how you wish us to proceed.

Do you have to enter into a contract for us to provide MDA services? Yes. This MDA contract will set out the terms and conditions of the authority and also the investment program, which sets out how your money will be invested. We will agree and prepare the investment program for you based on your relevant personal circumstances, your financial objectives and your needs and review the program every 12 months.

Will the investment program in the MDA Contract comply with the law? If this is relevant, then the investment program set out in the MDA Contract will comply with the law. The relevant law is Division 3 of Part 7.7 of the Corporations Act. The contract will also contain:

Statements about the nature and scope of the discretions we will be authorised and required to exercise under the MDA Contract
Any investment strategy that is to be applied in exercising those discretions
Information about any significant risks associated with the MDA Contract
The basis on which we consider the MDA Contract to be suitable for you

Warnings that the MDA Contract may not be suitable to you if you have provided us with limited or inaccurate information. It will also specify that the MDA Service may cease to be suitable for you if your relevant personal circumstances change.

Do we provide custodial or depository services for your portfolio?We do not provide custodial or depository services. So you will either hold the investments in the portfolio, or the custodian nominated for that financial product.

This Financial Services Guide complies with the ASIC Class Order 04/194.

4. Our financial planners

Sachin Sharma
Principal Financial Planner
AFSL Number: 331524

About me I have been a Financial Planner for one of the major banks from 2003 to 2006. I joined AMP Planner Pathway Programme in 2007 and have been an AMP Financial Planner since 2008.

I am currently studying towards Masters in Commerce (Financial Planning) through UWS and have recently attained Post Graduate Diploma in Commerce (Financial Planning). I also have B. Business, Diploma in Financial Planning and Diploma in Marketing.

How to contact me Email: sachin@investsmartfp.com.au
Mobile: 0415 595 966

The advice and services I can provide you

I am authorised to provide the services listed in this financial services guide.

How I am paid

I am an employee/director of Investsmart Financial Planners Pty Ltd and receive a salary and dividends.

Other associations and relationships

I conduct the following business activities independently of AMP Financial Planning:

Civil Marriage Celebrant Business

I am a Civil Marriage Celebrant and I run my celebrancy business from the same office as my financial planning business. However, these two businesses are run independently of each other.

5. Paying for the services we provide
Payment options We will confirm with you the form and amount of charges before we provide any advice or services.

Our payment methods are:

financial planning advice fees; and/or
transaction fee; and/or

These methods are explained below and the actual costs will normally be shown in our written advice to you or in the acknowledgement form completed when a transaction is requested. For transactions without advice you can ask us for details of the remuneration or other benefits at any time before the transaction is completed.

We conduct the following business activities independently:

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Financial planning advice fees The fees charged for our advice and services may be based on:
a dollar amount
a percentage of the amount you invest
an hourly rate
a combination of some or all of the above.

Our financial planning advice fees may include charges for:
providing you with a statement of advice
providing you with ongoing advice and services; or
other fees – for example, a fee for a transaction without advice

Commissions Where our services are to be paid from a product, commissions may be paid by the organisation that issues the product. The commissions are.

initial commission - deducted from your initial investment and any additional contributions, and
ongoing commission - a percentage of the value of your ongoing investment - usually, the percentage is calculated at the end of each month in which you hold the product.
for insurance products, a percentage of the premium you pay
for loan products, a percentage of the outstanding loan amount.

If a direct financial planning advice fee is charged, then we may rebate all or some of the commission deducted from your initial investment.

6. Other benefits we may receive The benefits listed below may be considered to influence the service we give you or the products we recommend to you.

Business conferences Overseas conference Conventions are usually held every 2 years. The qualifying criteria are generally based on the quality of our advice and the amount of net business flow received by the practice during the 2 calendar years before the business convention.

Those practices ranked in the top 15% are eligible to send a planner to the business convention. This benefit is valued at up to $7,000. Depending on where we are ranked in the top 15% we may be eligible to send an additional planner. Partners of planners may also be able to attend. Partner benefits are valued at up to $4,000. Nationally, up to 10 people may also qualify for airfare upgrades at a value of about $5,000.

Membership benefits include attendance at additional business conferences, which extend both the annual domestic and the biennial overseas convention. The value of each of these benefits is around $5,000.

Professional education expenses We are entitled to receive a reimbursement of up to $5,000 in professional education expenses for up to two planners.

Other benefits Development and marketing rewards We may qualify for Development & Marketing Allowance (DMA) payments based on our ranking relative to other Financial Planning practices. Up to 30% of all Financial Planning practices may qualify for DMA payments.

The DMA payment is based on a percentage of our practice revenue. Our DMA percentage will be set annually and may range from 3% to 12% depending on our ranking. Payments are received twice each month.

For example, if our DMA is set at 3% and our usual revenue for the payment period was $8,500, we would receive $8,500 x 0.03 = $255. Assuming an average revenue of $8,500, the total DMA allowance received in a year would be $255 x 24 = $6,120.

Ranking of practices is based on “net business flow” (NBF) which is a measure of our new and retained business over the previous year based on the classes of products or services on the approved products and services list. There are different values depending on the class of product or service and whether the business is an inflow or an outflow. For example, we receive a greater benefit for recommending and retaining a wrap account than for recommending a retail investment product or a corporate super account.

Business growth allowance All practices qualify for Business Growth Allowance (BGA). The payments are based on our practice revenue.

BGA payments are set at 1% of our practice revenue. Payments are received twice each month. For example, if our practice revenue was $2,400 in a payment period, we would receive $2,400 x 0.01 = $24. Assuming an average revenue of $2,400, the total BGA allowance received in a year would be $24 x 24 = $576.

Indirect benefits from product issuers We may receive indirect benefits from product issuers, for the services we provide you in relation to their products.

Any benefits we receive that may reasonably be considered to influence our advice and services to you will be disclosed in our advice. We keep an Alternative Remuneration register of indirect benefits received from product issuers that are greater than $300. You can see a copy of this register by asking us.

We may receive indirect benefits that are valued at less than $300, for example business lunches, tickets to sporting or cultural events, corporate promotional merchandise and other minor benefits.


7. Your privacy
Your privacy is important to us. We keep records of your investment objectives, financial situation and needs and our recommendations to you. If you wish to examine your file or to get access to your personal information, please call us.

8. If you have a complaint

If you have a complaint about the advice or services provided to you, then contact us using our contact details in this guide. We will try to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly.

If you still do not get a satisfactory outcome, you have the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at:
  Financial Ombudsman Service GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: 1300 780 808
Fax: 03 9613 6399
Email: info@fos.org.au
Website: www.fos.org.au
FOS is an independent external dispute resolution service. The Financial Ombudsman Service is free of charge.

You may also call the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) on freecall infoline 1300 300 630 to make a complaint and obtain information about your rights.

Our fees The table below sets out the different types of fees and charges that this practice charges for the advice and services we can provide you. The actual type of fee or charge, or combination of them will depend on the nature of the advice or service.

We will discuss and agree on the actual charges with you before we proceed.

Payment of fees and charges

Initial interview fee Advice and service fee Statement of advice preparation fee
no charge The fee for our advice and service is between $1500 to $10,000 depending on the comprehensiveness and complexity of the Advice. The fee for preparing a statement of advice is between $1500 to $10,000 depending on the comprehensiveness and complexity of the plan.

Placement fee Transactions without our advice Reviewing your advice and services
If you agree to implement the product recommendations in the statement of advice then our placement fee is based on your initial investment amount.

First $100,000 4.5%
Next $400,000 2.2%
Next $499,999 1.1%
Negotiable over $1m

This can be paid through the product by way of initial commission.
If we provide a transaction service at your request without providing personal advice, we will charge you a set fee of $150.00 per hour. How often your portfolio should be reviewed and the extent of the review will be agreed with you. If you have a Managed Discretionary Account, we will review this yearly.

For other products, if you wish to have your portfolio reviewed regularly, we can do this quarterly, half yearly or yearly based on funds under management for the following fee:

0.66% to 2.66% for funds up to $1,000,000.
Negotiable over $1m

Alternatively you can request a review at any time at an hourly rate of $ 150.00 inclusive of GST.
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