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It’s funny how we’ll talk about some things, but not what’s important.

Protecting your baby's future You’ve worked out whose turn it is to get up in the middle of the night and debated the merits of a baby monitor. But isn't it time you talked about protecting the future of your child if something were to happen to one of you?

Keeping your family home You’ve argued about whether you can live without a second car space and what to do with the spare bedroom. But isn't it time you talked about how you’d pay the mortgage if one of you got sick?

Securing your kids' future You’ve convinced the kids that they’ll grow into their oversized uniforms and argued about whether sports or music is more important. But isn’t it time you talked about how you’d provide for them if one of you were no longer around?

Insuring your greatest asset You’ve weighed up whether a plasma TV will fit in your bedroom, and pondered how good you’d look in a ‘67 Mustang. But isn’t it time you talked to an adviser about how you’d maintain your lifestyle if you couldn’t work?

Protecting you and your family Enjoying life is all about living for today. But it's not always easy if you're worried about tomorrow. So, rather than worry about what may or may not happen, insure yourself financially and you can get on with enjoying life.
MLC helps you and your family in the good times, and when things aren't so good.
So, while injury and illness will never be painless, our insurances mean you can avoid impact on your personal finances.

Your need Solution
Help your family maintain their financial position in the event of your death. Life Cover
Financial security if you suffer total and permanent disability and are unable to work. Total and Permanent Disability
To be able to concentrate on your health rather than your finances should you suffer a critical illness. Critical Illness
Cover for your rent, mortgage or living costs if you can't work due to sickness or injury. Income Protection
Look after your fixed expenses that you encounter to keep your business going if you become totally disabled and can't work. Business Expenses

Life Cover Protecting loved ones is a natural instinct, but how can you protect them if you're not around?

Total and Permanent Disability When one door closes, another opens. But what if there's a sudden twist behind the new door and you find yourself unable to work again.

Critical Illness, "It won't happen to me" Around half of all Australians aged over 30 will suffer at least one of the seven health conditions that can lead to long-term disability and, consequently, a long-term loss of income.
Source: NATSEM, Health and Income in Australia, 2003.

How would your family or loved ones cope if you suffered a stroke or were diagnosed with cancer?
Not only might you lose your income through not being able to work, but you might also have to tap into your savings, sell your home or face major costs for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Not a pretty picture.
However, for around $2 per day you could cover the premium for critical illness insurance and rest easy that your family are protected.

Income Protection Who will look after your finances if you can't work due to sickness or injury?
Health insurance may cover a proportion of your medical bill, but it won't cover your rent or mortgage and living costs. With MLC Income Protection insurance you get up to 75% of your regular income if you can't work due to disability.
This means you can concentrate on recovering and getting back to work, rather than watching your investments and savings slowly diminish.

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